SOPHIE BURT " My hope is to grow so close to God, that it will no longer be my mark left, but one that points to Jesus.” Gapper 2013

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    “Arnica learnt to discover her own faith, not through others beliefs but through knowing God personally.” Gapper 2012

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    EMMA HOEKSTRA “To get through the hard times Emma learnt to draw all her strength, energy and motivation from God.” Gapper 2012

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    BRADY KEREWARO “I learnt to see God’s love through many situations and learnt that I could show God’s Glory in the smallest of ways.” Gapper 2012

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  • Hanna McLeay
    Hanna McLeay "It was as if God stripped me bare of all the rubbish I held on to and gently built me up again." Gapper in 2011.

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My hope is to grow so close to God, that it will no longer be my mark left, but one that points to Jesus.

Sophie-176x234My hope is to grow so close to God, that it will no longer be my mark left, but one that points to Jesus. Part of my first step towards this was trading my binoculars in for a magnifying glass, when I ventured out of my comfort zone and joined this crazy gap year that I still can't fathom. As a result of this, I have been able to see the world through another light; up close and personal. I have witnessed both hopelessness and beauty from ashes, life's struggles and and rewards. I've tried on many people's shoes and captured a glimpse of life through their eyes. I'm not yet sure where all this will lead me, but I'm excited to embark on my next adventure, whatever form that might take.

What was one of the highlights from your year with Headspace?
Definitely all the various, and sometimes random, opportunities that we were presented with; and I don't mean that lightly. My eyes were opened to many new things; some enabling me to catch a glimpse of what life is like for people without hope, whereas through others I was unexpectedly able to encourage people by sharing some impact stories.


What was your weirdest Headspace moment?
This would probably have to be when the van broke down in the middle of the road, and some people helped us out by duct taping rope to the van in order to tow us up the hill to the petrol station.


What would be your advice to someone thinking about doing Headspace?
Just do it! You will grow so much, and gain a priceless community full of caring, supportive friends who will pick you up when you are struggling, and vice versa. I learnt so many valuable things throughout my journey with Headspace that could have potentially taken me years to discover, which only adds to my huge appreciation of this mind-blowing, life changing course.


What are you doing in 2014?
Headspace played a large part in my decision to study psychology at AUT, as throughout the year I witnessed many people who had lost all hope, which in turn further ignited my passion to be a part of the restoration of hurting women.


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