SOPHIE BURT " My hope is to grow so close to God, that it will no longer be my mark left, but one that points to Jesus.” Gapper 2013

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    “Arnica learnt to discover her own faith, not through others beliefs but through knowing God personally.” Gapper 2012

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    EMMA HOEKSTRA “To get through the hard times Emma learnt to draw all her strength, energy and motivation from God.” Gapper 2012

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    BRADY KEREWARO “I learnt to see God’s love through many situations and learnt that I could show God’s Glory in the smallest of ways.” Gapper 2012

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  • Hanna McLeay
    Hanna McLeay "It was as if God stripped me bare of all the rubbish I held on to and gently built me up again." Gapper in 2011.

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It was as if God stripped me bare of all the rubbish I held on to and gently built me up again.

Gapper Hanna-176x117What made you want to do Headspace?

In all honesty I did not want to do Headspace. I wanted to get on with my life or do something that sounded 100 times more fun, but turns out it wasn't up to me. God himself wanted me to do Headspace and brought me to a year that would change me, develop me, and get me in a space that he intended me to be. If Headspace is good enough for God it must be flippen good for me!

What was one of the highlights from your year with Headspace?

Wow. It was such a good year!! Most people would say their highlight was Thailand but mine was simply is all the huge things God taught me and showed me. And that happened all throughout the year. It was as if God stripped me bare of all the rubbish I held on to and gently built me up again. He revealed himself to me in crazy ways and opened so many doors of opportunity to serve him and learn. And I truly did love Thailand. It was an amazing place! And then there's all the good times hanging out, going to the beach, eating good food, and just escaping the busyness of the world. It was good as!

What would be your advice to someone thinking about doing Headspace?

I could go on about so many things as advice but really, everyone is so different that what I say would only relate to a small percentage. I will say though to have a positive attitude, see everything in a positive light and throw all of yourself into everything. Pursue God and make it a year to get hard-out with him! Be ready to learn and go when we calls. Even during the long working block, just see it as a time to grow. You have 9 hours everyday of looking at fruit. Why not make that 9 hours to hang out with God too!? Find joy in the little things, because if you expect something too big, you might miss it when it comes.

Any other thoughts?

Headspace, as random as it is, is the ultimate year to just find a massive love and passion for God - one that will last on forever. It takes work though. Being at Headspace doesn't make you a good Christian. That's between you and God.

Oh yeah, do Headspace!

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