SOPHIE BURT " My hope is to grow so close to God, that it will no longer be my mark left, but one that points to Jesus.” Gapper 2013

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    “Arnica learnt to discover her own faith, not through others beliefs but through knowing God personally.” Gapper 2012

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    EMMA HOEKSTRA “To get through the hard times Emma learnt to draw all her strength, energy and motivation from God.” Gapper 2012

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    BRADY KEREWARO “I learnt to see God’s love through many situations and learnt that I could show God’s Glory in the smallest of ways.” Gapper 2012

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  • Hanna McLeay
    Hanna McLeay "It was as if God stripped me bare of all the rubbish I held on to and gently built me up again." Gapper in 2011.

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20121029 MBJ 00220 Emma-176x107Discovering Yourself
by Sarah Tan

Emma didn't want to come to Headspace. She was eager to move on to university, so when she finally applied through the encouragement of her parents and her pastor, it was a big step. However, as she applied, she felt a sense of peace and knew it was God telling her it was right to decide on Headspace.

Nonetheless, Emma still had a lot of apprehension entering Headspace. She did not know exactly what she would be doing and the thought of living with fourteen other teenagers was daunting. Even so, turning up on the first day, Emma was excited. She hoped to grow in her faith, personally in character, and confidence. Emma said "I expected to be really challenged by other people's faith and being able to see what God's doing in their lives as well as mine".

There were many challenges to face during the year. As the team worked long hours in pack houses boxing fruit to earn the money for their fees, Emma realised "God has taught me that I can fully rely on him for everything from strength, to working on my relationships with other people". She struggled inwardly with the overwhelming face of Buddhism around her in Thailand. It was such a prevalent part of Thai culture and society, and yet, it was also thought provoking to see their devotion. It occurred to her that if they could serve idols with such faithfulness, surely she could serve her true and living God with so much more devotion. She drew close to God and found comfort in him. To get through the hard times she learnt to draw all her strength, energy and motivation from God.

Emma was challenged personally while hearing the testimonies of students at the Noh Bo Academy in Thailand. Their hope and Christian faith inspired her. The quote "The peace that Christ gives is to guide us in the decisions we make" became very special to Emma. At Noh Bo, they held a girls Bible study, and as Emma was talking to one of the girls, she asked Emma what she could pray about for her. Emma asked her to pray about the fact that she would be speaking the next day in front of the school. The following day, though nervous, Emma felt peace as she stood in front of the school and knew this girl was praying for her. As she was pushed to step up and out of her comfort zone by speaking in front of large groups, Emma discovered that she can be confident doing this. For Emma, growing in this aspect was life changing.

Emma is currently studying a four year Speech Language Therapy Degree at Canterbury University. Furthermore, she is attracted by the prospect of volunteering at the Grace International School in Thailand as a speech language therapist. Emma would urge anyone who feels their Christian life is stagnant to join Headspace. "It challenges your faith as well as helping you to discover much about yourself and God."

If you want to ask Emma about her Headspace experience contact her here.

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