SOPHIE BURT " My hope is to grow so close to God, that it will no longer be my mark left, but one that points to Jesus.” Gapper 2013

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    “Arnica learnt to discover her own faith, not through others beliefs but through knowing God personally.” Gapper 2012

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    EMMA HOEKSTRA “To get through the hard times Emma learnt to draw all her strength, energy and motivation from God.” Gapper 2012

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    BRADY KEREWARO “I learnt to see God’s love through many situations and learnt that I could show God’s Glory in the smallest of ways.” Gapper 2012

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  • Hanna McLeay
    Hanna McLeay "It was as if God stripped me bare of all the rubbish I held on to and gently built me up again." Gapper in 2011.

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JTR-20121028-0029 Arnie article pic-176x117Finding courage through Christ
By Susan Dietz

Struggling with her own Christian identity and surrounded by her family of nonbelievers, Arnica came to Headspace and learnt how to find her own courage, and that everyone can show the love of God through the smallest of actions. She figured out that her expectations of people and places would not be as she thought and that we can all love God in many different ways.

Arnica struggled with the idea of coming to Headspace, she envisioned ministry to only be for "super Christians". Coming from a family where Arnica is the only Christian and had to struggle through conversations about her faith, picking up and going to live with a group of Christians for a year seemed to be something she could not do nor even wanted to do. But God kept placing it on her heart so that she could not forget it. Finally she made the decision to go. Over her time of being with Headspace, Arnica learnt that ministry could be performed in many different ways, that it does not take someone with a full knowledge of the Bible to make an impact. She learnt she could show Christ by simply listening and loving a person. Arnica realised that by simply listening to a group of Thai students talk about their lives and struggles, she could show the love of Christ through herself.

Along the way, Arnica witnessed many works of God that would help her with life back home in New Zealand. One of these was hearing a group of Thai students talk about their choice to tell their family of their Christian beliefs and take the risk of being disowned. Arnica realised that if these young people could do it in a culture that looked down on Christianity so strongly, that she could come home and tell her family without fear. She could come home and share with others about Christ in her own way and God would always be there beside her. She knew that while we will struggle with hard times and trials God will never give us more then we can bare.

During her time with Headspace, Arnica said she learnt to discover her own faith, not through others beliefs but through knowing God personally. Arnica's advice for future Gappers – to not hold back, to jump in and do things that are scary and out of their comfort zones. Because when we leave that space, it's when we can truly learn, God can move in us and show us His amazing grace and love.

If you want to ask Arnica about her Headspace experience contact her here.

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