SOPHIE BURT " My hope is to grow so close to God, that it will no longer be my mark left, but one that points to Jesus.” Gapper 2013

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    “Arnica learnt to discover her own faith, not through others beliefs but through knowing God personally.” Gapper 2012

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    EMMA HOEKSTRA “To get through the hard times Emma learnt to draw all her strength, energy and motivation from God.” Gapper 2012

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    BRADY KEREWARO “I learnt to see God’s love through many situations and learnt that I could show God’s Glory in the smallest of ways.” Gapper 2012

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  • Hanna McLeay
    Hanna McLeay "It was as if God stripped me bare of all the rubbish I held on to and gently built me up again." Gapper in 2011.

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So, where to from here? If after checking out Headspace and what we are all about you are thinking that you might like to apply, we'd like to suggest you do two things.

Firstly, pray about what you have read. Seek God and let Him know your plans. Secondly, talk with your parents and maybe someone from your church and ask them to pray too.

Then, if you feel that Headspace is something that you would benefit from being a part of, please get your application in to us. The first cut off date for applications is Friday 18th November, 2016.


If you have any questions about Headspace, or just want to chat to someone about whether or not Headspace is for you, feel free to contact a member of our leadership team. If you'd like us to send you an information pack flick us your full name and address and we'll get one out to you. Alternatively you can download one below.

icon Headspace Application Form (330.69 kB)

icon Headspace Info Pack (1.54 MB)

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Charlie Shadbolt
Youth Director

E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
TXT: 027 372 9717
P: 07 542 2277


Malcolm and Rosanne Rea
Headspace Leaders

E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
TXT/P: 027 451 7311

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